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Premium Content

Some of the latest software features, advanced technical documentation, and certain design files for FlowIO are only available to collaborators with premium access to SoftRobotics.IO. Premium features and benefits include access to:

  • New software features up to 1 year before they are made public.

  • New hardware expansion modules currently under development, that aren't public yet.

  • A unified firmware combining FlowIO BLE Control with the one-click hardware self-tests.

  • Power saving algorithms that increase battery life and reduce generated heat.
  • The editable 3D CAD files (Solidworks).

  • Documentation about the electronic designs.

  • Pinout map of the connections to the microcontroller.

  • The PCB Designs (Gerbers)

  • The JavaScript API documentation for FlowIO.

  • Full documentation about the BLE services and characteristics.

  • Ability to Control multiple FlowIO devices synchronously over BLE.

  • Access to experimental features under development.

  • Communication between FlowIO devices over the internet. (Experimental)

  • Priority consideration when requesting new features.

  • 1-on-1 training on how to use the software APIs and Libraries.


Access to the premium content is granted on a case-by-case basis. Willingless to accept collaborators on your team is a required prerequisite to enjoy one or more of these additional benefits. 

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