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FlowIO is provided under a Creative Commons License. 

Attribution required by citing the paper and


You can start using FlowIO in under 10 seconds! There is no setup, installation, or programming required in order to use FlowIO with the web-GUI that runs entirely in your web-browser. And moreover, you can use FlowIO with any Bluetooth compatible device - phone, desktop, laptop, or tablet - and with any operating system that supports Google chrome. To begin using FlowIO, there are just 3 steps:

1. Press the power button to turn on FlowIO.

2. Open the Web-GUI with Google Chrome.


3. Click the "Connect" button.

"I was shocked how easy it was to start using FlowIO. I thought it would take a week to learn and require an elaborate setup process, but It took only seconds."

- First-time user (Designer)

"Wow, I wasn't expecting that I can just use it like that. I thought I would have to install something and upload code. I was very surprised that I didn't have to do anything to be able to use it."

- First-time user (Researcher)

If you are interested in writing your own firmware or apps for FlowIO, you can easily do that as well. FlowIO is fully compatible with Arduino and comes with powerful APIs for both Arduino and JavaScript to give you the freedom to do anything you can think of with FlowIO. With the JavaScript API, you can even do remote communication and synchronization between multiple FlowIO devices. 

There is much more documentation, tutorials, project videos, and other content that is slowly being added to this website. If interested in helping with any of these or other tasks, please consider volunteering. 

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