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Thank you for your support!

This project is made possible by contributions from people like you. Here is the full and ever-growing list of contributors and donors. There are many ways you show your support. You can volunteer your time and skills in one of the numerous ways listed below; you can make a financial donation; or you can donate parts and supplies directly. 

If you would like to show appreciation for the work I am doing, you can buy me a coffee and leave me an encouraging comment. This just shows me that you care, and that the time and effort I dedicate to the community is valued and appreciated. Remembering the people who believe in me and support me, and remembering their words of encouragement and appreciation, is what gives me the strength to keep going, especially in difficult moments. 

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If you would like to support the project itself, you can make a donation to MIT dedicated to this project. Details about how to make an MIT donation that would go to supporting FlowIO Platform and SoftRobotics.IO are provided in the section below.

Support the Project with a donation to MIT

Your donation will go to an MIT fund titled "FlowIO Platform" with  acct#: 3933655. To ensure that you're donating to the correct fund, please ensure that the account name and number are exactly as shown on the screenshot below. 


MIT is a 501c3 nonprofit institution and your donation will be tax deductible within the limitations of U.S. federal income tax laws.  For more information about giving to MIT, see the frequently asked questions.

Volunteer to Help

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