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Make your own FlowIO

Here you will find the complete tutorial series for replicating FlowIO. The first few tutorials are about obtaining and preparing the key components, while the later tutorials show the process of creating the subassemblies and assemblies. There are close to 100 individual components that go into making FlowIO, and you can expect it to take you at least a few weeks to prepare and put everything together the first time you do this.

The tutorials and designs are provided for noncommercial use under the terms of the CC license. To view them, you need to create a free account. If your intent is commercial, you can ask for a permission.

Component Preparation Tutorials

FFC 3x2.jpg
AllParts 5x7.png
Main Driver PCB 3x2.jpg
LiPo Connector 2.jpg
ValvePrep 5x7.jpg

Subassemblies and Assemblies

Boards Sandwiched.jpg
S - Parts 16x9.jpg
Main Image.jpg
Parts 16x9.jpg
L - Parts 16x9.jpg

Firmware and Testing

FlowIO TOP 16x9.jpg


Expansion Modules Preparation


17. Analog-in-16 
Module Sensors++.png

There is much more documentation, tutorials, project videos, and other content that is slowly being added to this website. If interested in helping with any of these or other tasks, please consider volunteering. 

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