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Replicating FlowIO in CHINA 🇨🇳

Updated: Mar 20

I tried to reproduce FlowIO by myself in 2022. I have most electronic components prepared and 3D printing parts ready. But gives up eventually due to unable to buy a few key components. One thing I learned is: to make sure you can have everything in the BOM accessible before starting work. Here are some parts I was unable to get throughout and some parts need some effort to get in China.

( The following are tips for Chinese friends, I will use Chinese for your convenience。)

我在2022年的时候尝试过组装FlowIO。 当时几乎凑全了所有的零件也做好了3D打印件,但是由于几个关键性的零部件买不到,最终放弃了组装。以下是我始终没能买到的,和比较难买到的零件,中国的朋友们如果想组装,一定要确保自己买得到BOM里所有的零件。



MCU Adafruit Feather Sense nRF52840

我先是在淘宝里搜索但是没有商家卖,随后尝试过使用 Ali 在 Bill of Materials 页面提供的Mouser Electronic 的网站里购买,购买成功了,但是因相关进出口管制规定没能清关,被退回了,随后尝试在国外的另外一家大型的电子零售网站 Digi-Key 购买,但是依然因为相同的原因没能拿到手上(2023年3月10日查,Digi-Key里没有Adafruit Feather Sense nRF52840的现货补货时间未知)。

N-Channel Power MOSFET BUK9M15-40HX




SMC 公司的S070M-R*G-## Valves

磁性连接器 Waterproof 4 pogo pin magnetic connector, M826

时光电子的一系列气泵Skoocom SC3101PMSC1804PMSC3402XPM ....


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Don't forget to activate the "Raft and Skirt" function when you use the Raise3D Pro3 printer to make the PLA enclosure. Otherwise, the finishing may look less delicacy.😭

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