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Question about bluetooth control

The problem is the error in bluetooth control GUI system.

In June, the situation is:

  1. The time interval is not reliable. Any time smaller or larger than 100ms will be exactly 1.5s. Any time larger than 1000ms will result in not stopping.

Recently, we test it again.

When I set the time as the following:

The video is as below:

When I set the time as the following:

The situation is the same, the pump will never stop.

On the contrary, if we directly use arduino to control it with wire, the time accuracy could be reached to 5ms.

So the question is: what should we do to improve the situation.

Our setting up process is as below:

1.Download and install the Arduino IDE (1.8.X) from the website:

2.Add the FlowIO library into your Arduino Libraries folder:

3.Open the Arduino IDE and go into the Preferences. CAdd as an 'Additional Board Manager URL':

4.Restart the Arduino IDE. Open the Boards Manager option from the Tools -> Board menu and install 'Adafruit nRF52 by Adafruit

It will take up to a few minutes to finish installing the cross-compiling toolchain and tools associated with this BSP.

5.Once the BSP is installed, select from the Tools -> Board menu, which will update your system config to use the right compiler and settings for the nRF52:

6.Connect to the board and open the test codes to verify if it works. If the test works well, then upload the project to the board. By controlling the bar pressure, test the ability of the fibre to expand.

An additional supplement is :

I have tried your device with 24 Vs, however, there are still many problems which will limit the usage of this device:

  1. The PCB board will rapidly overheat (within 2s).

Could anyone give any suggestion on the heat sink for prevention on overheating?

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I tried inputting times greater than 1000ms, and I don't observe any abnormal behavior on my end. There is nothing special in the code about 1000ms, so if the hardware is working properly and the firmware is unmodified from the original, then there should be no issues.

As for the second problem you're facing when using short time intervals, it is more likely to be originating from software. There is indeed some switching threshold on the lower-end, and it may depend on the browser you're using, the utilization of your browser, and availability of system resources. Try freeing up system resources, closing all other tabs, and trying again. The Microsoft Edge browser is also supported, so you can try with…

Replying to

Thank you very much, I will try it!

Moreover, the PCB board with 24V supply is destroyed because of long term overheating. Could you please send a new one for us?

Thirdly, we want to build up a hand robot which could close its hand from two sides. So, I want one more flowio too. Could you give us a new set of flowio pcbs? I would also like to have a talk with you about our new idea if you like it. Thank you so much for your help!

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