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My experience with FlowIO

FlowIO has been a valuable tool for our project. The portable air pump and valves were essential for our rehabilitation assistance for a stroke patient. We found the operating instructions on the website to be comprehensive, and we were able to easily use it through Bluetooth connectivity.

We received the PCB from Mr. Ali and performed tests. However, we needed to control multiple soft actuators for multi-degree-of-freedom control, so one FlowIO was not enough for us. Nonetheless, we gained many different design ideas through our work with FlowIO, and I gained further understanding of its operation.

Although we have not yet produced a complete product, we hope to continue to develop our project based on FlowIO, allowing us to control as many actuators as possible with as few air valves as possible. Overall, I highly recommend FlowIO for anyone in need of a portable air platform for their project.

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