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FlowIO delay test in Bluetooth and USB

I conducted tests on the accuracy of Bluetooth and USB in September. The specific testing method involved using the recording function of an iPhone to capture vibrations (Flg1).

flowio-Bluetooth-delay-test 9-15
Download XLSX • 17KB

Download XLSX • 10KB


In the two tables below, "t0" represents the desired runtime for Flowio, "Force" indicates the time when forceful stopping occurs, and "real time" represents the actual working time of Flowio.

Based on my findings, for Bluetooth connection (web), when t0 is less than 100ms, Flowio can only be stopped by force, and the force duration needs to be greater than 200ms to have effective control. However, this control method also has a relatively large margin of error.

For USB connection, with t0 ranging from 50ms to 500ms, Flowio can operate according to the set t0, and the difference between real time and t0 is relatively small.

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