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Som Tambe
Jul 22, 2021
In FlowIO Features & Capabilities
Hi guys! I am Som from India, and I am quite new to the concepts of soft robotics. I have been studying the FlowIO stack and I had some questions regarding FlowIO setup. I saw that Pump numbers are only 1 & 2, which I am assuming that there are only 2 pumps. I wanted to ask, as observed in the video, there were three modules, and it seemed from the syringe example that the bigger modules packed larger power. Do larger modules have more number of pumps (does not seem to be the case), and if they do not, what is the difference between them and the smaller ones? I wanted to know more about valves and pumps, and their uses. Is there a nicer resource to know more about them? I'd be more than happy if anyone would answer my questions. Thanking you in advance!

Som Tambe

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