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About projects using FlowIO

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Pressure Actuated

Radial Expansion: Modular CubesBubble, Self SleeveSPA Skin

Axial Expansion: Fiber-Reinforced Actuator, Extending McKibben Muscle,

Axial Contraction: Contracting McKibben Muscle,

Twisting: Fiber-Reinforced Actuator

Bending: PneuNetsFiber-Reinforced Actuator

Gripping: SoftRoboticsOther

Growing: Vine Robots,


Locomotion: Rolling, Walking, Crawli, FRCMR, Millipede, Tube Climbing (paper)

Complex Movement: Honeycomb PneuNet, Stewart Platform

Semi-Soft Robots

Arthrobots: paper, video, supplementary material,

Vacuum Actuated

Buckling: Rotation, Gripping, Linear Motion

Complex Movement and Locomotion: V-SPA

Surface Display: Soft Reconfigurable Surface

Particle Jamming:

FlexShapeGripper, DIY Gripper, Jamming User Interfaces

Layer Jamming:

JamSheets (paper)

Laminar Jamming, (paper1, paper2) :

Hybrid Gripper



Principle of Operation


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Silicone Rubber Platinum Cure

Ecoflex 00-50

Dragon Skin 10 NV

Material Datasheets

Material Comparison Tool

Durometer Shore Hardness Scale

Viscosity Scale



Isopropyl Alcohol

Silicone Tube

1mm ID x 2mm OD

1.5mm ID x 2.5mm OD



Scrap Paper

Silk Screen Printing Mesh

12mm Straws

10mm Straws

Long Balloons

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